AmO LambO – Like 2 feat. Kadoe Forgiotoo, MulaManDam, RicoCaine (Prod. Lord Casso)

Long Island’s AmO LambO (Double O), Kadoe Forgiotoo, MulaManDam & RicoCaine came together for a real New York anthem. This is the new eastcoast sound at it’s finest, The whole young Long Island scene is really on one and with posse cuts like this you can really hear that a wave is coming. All parties did their part and blacked out on this record. Lord Casso who’s one of the best young producers out of New York cooked up a heater, look out for more records from the kid.

Quadie Diesel & Thwaglord – Pigtails (Prod. Yair-1) (Video)

This record from Philadelphia’s Quadie Diesel & Thwaglord is really on some other shit, something about it just bumps so hard. Really rockstar record. Quadie has quotables that are just out of this world throughout the whole record like: “If I fuck her than she top 5! I REJOICE WHEN A OPP DIES!” like what? Yeah this was one of my favorite records of the year and it needs more recognition for sure. The video is really on point as well, big crib, beautiful black hippy women, you can’t g wrong with that they’re really living the life. Shout out to Yair-1 on the boards, he blacked out! Look out for Quadie Diesel he’s on a run.

88Glam – 88Glam (Album)

Toronto’s Derek Wise & 88 Camino (formally known as Drew Howard) came together as a duo for their album highly anticipated album 88Glam. These two are apart of Toronto’s XO umbrella (The Weeknd, Belly, Nav & others) and have both been making music for sometime now. This is definitely some of their best work to date, the thing about this record is as much flexing and feel good music as it is, you can hear the experience, pain and honesty that both of them bring to the table. Derek has no shame in talking about his past and how he had to surpass all the obstacles, from beating a serious case from 2014, to meeting new connections and essentially wanting new things in his life. 88 speaks on being apart of the have-nots but still pushing towards his dream and now it’s coming to a reality. These two can’t go back to broke, past relationships and petty situations, it’s only up and up from here. Very coming of age record, something you bump when your life is going up and will encourage you to do better. With features from fellow label mate Nav and a cameo from The Weeknd for their video “12”it really was a team effort. Run this up, it’s really powerful music from front to back. This is lifestyle, counting Brown and Red music word to Canada. Glam is religion, about being grimey but living a lavish lifestyle simultaneously. The production throughout the whole record is a movie and really glued the whole project together with Joseph E’tranger, Murda Beatz, AlexonWeed, WondaGurl & Villa Beatz, all blacking out on the boards. Shout out Quincy (Shrimp Tempura) who’s Derek’s longtime friend/ manager, I’ll get beats to you soon my guy!

“I got some risking to do, numbers wont making no sense” – Derek Wise

Jay Critch & Desiigner – HIT (Audio)

Brookyln native’s Jay Critch & Desiigner came together for their latest release “HIT” with longtime friend and producer Laron. Jay Critch has been my favorite up and coming New York Rapper since this time last year. This is more of something you ride to in the whip, both emcees give that bounce on the record and it gelled well with Laron’s smooth production. He gave Desiigner a big look and he honestly needed it, he held his own too so the boy Desiigner still here for a little while, the young New York scene needs to stick together. It’s a community thing.

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MulaManDam – Novacaine (Audio)

(Long Island, New York) – MulaManDam and his longtime friend/ producer Lord Casso came together to put you on an emotional ride for their latest record “NovaCaine”. Through the sound, Casso captures you with his dark, full production and simultaneously made it a record that you can really bump in the streets, this motivational flex music at it’s best.  MulaManDam comes in strong speaking on numbing the pain of his day-to-day life through his woman, drinking and ultimately his unwavering faith in his vision of the future. He also gives hints of dealing with the post traumatic stress of his near-death car crash that has affected him physically but has given him great strength mentally. The two artists are going through the pressure of finding their way into adulthood at just 20 years old and this record puts you in the zone of what that’s like.

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Sick ft. Big Lean & Revy P – MAWDHEAD (Official Video)

Yo, this is one of the hardest records out of Canada lowkey, like fuck what you heard forreal. This record hit the streets in June but got taken down a few days later due to some legal issues, but I’m happy it’s back up because these dudes came with it! I don’t even know what a Mawdhead is, that’s that deep Toronto housing slang, but whatever it means, it’s lit!  Sick had a crazy buzz in Toronto before getting locked up and with this comeback he linked with his big bro Big Lean who’s had the Toronto scene on lock from time and fellow rapper Revy P for this anthem. This record is produced by 2epik who made this record an anthem with heavy bass and triumphant trumpets, it feels like the return of the prince type music. RUN THIS UP!

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Comethazine – Shoot Me (Official Video)

Illinois rapper, Comethazine just dropped a video for his loosie “Shoot Me” where he gives you a minute and 15 seconds of straight heat. It’s one of those songs that feels like a preview but just long enough to pass as a song so you repeat it 3 times to satisfy your 4 minutes of craving. The video is directed by Lonewolf and he’s known to blackout behind the camera, he definitely adds to the ADHD of this record with his crazy effects all throughout the video.

The thing I like most about this record is the sound, this is 2018 trap/flexing music where the burner phones are iphone 4s and the rockstars the trapstars. Look out for more from the kid and peep the video, I dare you to try to understand it all in 1:15min.

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Prestigious Deviants 2018

So I’m starting off my first post of the year in 2017 by going back to my raw roots. The overstimulation of twitter and seeing what everyone else is doing definitely put a hole in my creativity as far as trying to keep up with the large influx of music. It was pretty annoying because artists drop literally everyday and blogs don’t listen to it, you can tell…they just want to be first. So with Prestigious Deviants I’m bringing back my youth, back to my room in Winnipeg with hundreds of rappers and industry execs on the wall, writing about what I like and only what I like, I don’t want to keep up with the joneses. I don’t care if the record dropped 10 months ago, if that shit hot it’s hot and I’m posting it because it’s overlooked. The blog game is fucked up right now and this is the time to post good music with quality journalism (I know this post is the complete opposite of good journalism, whatever, peep my other posts). I over thought doing this for like 10 months, so much so that I left my town that I lived in for 13 years and moved down south in June, even in the south it’s taken me officially 5 months to feel good about contributing to the culture again. Come grow with me and watch me wing this shit and turn this into the greatest blog up and coming blog in hip hop.

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Thouxanbandfauni Interview with Young Zaire (Mix)

01 ThouxanBandFauni – Her Mama House (Feat. LcLevi &DomG)
02 Archibald Slim – Don’t Call the Cops (S/O to Myles!)
03 December – ILLEGAL
04 ThouxanBandFauni – Throwed (Feat. Uno the Activist)
05 Bucky Malone – Big $$$ Shit
06 Chuck Inglish – Short Stoppin (Feat. ManManSavage)
07 Asaad – Cold & Lonely
08 Key! – They Hate IT
09 tsvfog – Riding Around the City Hot
10 Cultie – bby grl [hzy wrld]
11 ThouxanBandFauni – 24 $$$ (iBet)
12 MILF Mitch – Hellen Keller
13 Playboi Carti – $teez
14 Don Von – For a While
15 Uno the Activist – Parkin Lot Pimpin (Feat. Fauni)
16 Terrance Escobar – Peep
17 Terrance Escobar – Fanta
18 ThouxanBandFauni – Rollin
19 Doma – OMW
20 ThouxanBandFauni – Surf (Feat. Kevin Champion)
21 ThouxanBandFauni – AyyOkk (prod. Vi$u)
22 Playboi Carti – Beef
23 Swag HollyWood – Swoolin with the loot
24 $ilk Money – DCSB
25 Cultie – Diamondz Dancin
26 K Supreme – Booted Up (Feat. Uno the Activist)

Did this interview a while back in 2015 when Fauni started to just come up. #FREEFAUNI man. This was one of my heavist mixes so definetly give this some burn.

R.O.Z & Jimmy Prime – Revenue (Video) (Prod. 2 Epik)

Toronto’s R.O.Z.  and Jimmy Prime linked up for this hustlers anthem called “Revenue” produced by 2Epik. Both of these artists showcased how you have to move in order to make those Brown & Red faces north of the border, they both also have a knack for making serious hooks so it was only a matter of time before they both made a song together. 2Epik never fails producing a record that bumps in the whip but yet is spacey and an adventure when you press play.

This is R.O.Z’s first video he’s released after his third project When the Smoke Clears which came out this past summer. R.O.Z has been making noise in the Canadian scene for quite some time now. First in Winnipeg where he took over the market with his team “EMB” (Entertainment Money Business) which lead to Canada-Wide tours with Jadakiss, Fabolous & Pusha T and features from Smoke DZA & Styles P. Then he relocated to Toronto with his producer 2Epik who has also been building a solid buzz in the Toronto scene, primarily working with Big Lean. Be on the look out for all three of these guys and my guy Yaatavelle who directed the video. Enjoy.