Stacy Money – Guestlist (Prod. Yung Guapo)

New Jersey’s Stacy Money just dropped a ghetto love ballad with this record called Guestlist which was produced by Yung Guapo. Stacy has a romance with the streets in this song, he paints a vivid picture of the fast lifestyle. It’s dangerous and dark but attractive and warm at the same time, he was definitely in his bag when he recorded this because he blacked out in the booth. He speaks on the finer things in life, experimenting with different women, chilling in LA smoking the best marijuana and just his overall day-to-day lifestyle. It reminded me of Max B in a way, just doing what he wants with his sound and doing it confidently. The song is very short but you hit that replay button a few times just to digest it. This is something you roll one to and relax, getting you in your zone for the next move. Yung Guapo really set the tone and created a spacey atmosphere for the record as well. Look out for Stacy Money and his collective Ice World. They’ve been dropping serious heat consistently since 2015 and things are only going up for them. Run this up!

Call up my shooter he run down, I’m getting guap til the sun down, double my cup sippin syrup” – Stacy Money

“…she blow up my phone on the weekend, got a man but she don’t wanna see him” – Stacy Money

88Glam – Big Tymers (Official Video)

Toronto duo 88Glam just released a third video for their record “Big Tymers” from the 88Glam Album which was produced by JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER and directed by RJ Sanchez. This video is real special one because it represents the community and humble beginnings. The tape has bangers all throughout and there’s a lot of lifestyle raps in there but this video is very down to earth and shows where they really come from. It’s like a movie in 3 minutes, RJ Sanchez really did his thing with the visuals, he gave the clip a European feel. Derek and 88 Camino of 88Glam discuss why they can’t go back to poverty and moving up in the ranks of the entertainment industry. It’s a real coming of age record and an anthem for the have-nots. Take this video in and peep for yourself.

FRVRFRIDAY – Yeax2 (Prod. Frvrfriday)

Edmonton artist Frvrfriday released his EP “OFFLINE” this month and it’s dripped in sauce. This track “Yeax2” was my favorite record out of the project and i thought it was the perfect single to preview the sound of the EP. You can feel his persona on the song, he’s the type of person to not say much in the room but moves the place with his energy and let’s the work speak for him. Staying cool, stacking brown and red dollars and lowkey with his grind and his women. This joint is street but pseudo romantic for the ladies. He recorded, produced and engineered the EP so you know he really took his time on his Kanye West shit to make it sound perfect. The sound is seasoned and it came out just in time before the year ends, cuffing season is now upon us. He got features with Ye Ali, Shabazz and worked with Prime XVII to put this together. Edmonton is a slept on city, real beautiful, it’s like the Midwest & Westcoast in a mix and he paints a perfect picture of what his city has to offer, big shout out to Western Canada. Go head and run this up!

Rossirock – Pony (EP)

San Diego’s RossiRock dropped his EP “PONY” earlier this year and it’s a breath of fresh air. This is very California, RossiRock really took you to the the heart of San Diego with this joint, it’s like you’re right there with him. Even on a rainy day this adds some brightness tn your next 24 hours. Rossi has a genuine conversation with you throughout the record, he’s motivating you, making you laugh and giving you comfort through the trials of your life. Each bar has something of substance to say and he let’s you know that he’s just a young man trying to find his way into this world but with style. He speaks on the reality of having to stay low, stack money, wanting the best things in life and what it took to come out with this tape all while living his best life.

Very honest EP all throughout, something you don’t hear from artists too much these days. This is payday music at it’s finest and on top of that it’s a record that passed the car test with a A+. He has a way of making everything sound fly, even simple things like watching a movie sound prestigious when he talks about it. The production on this EP is A1 as well, with: Ninetyfiveuntil, Chris Romero & White Chocolate all blacking out on the boards, they really help set a tone for this EP. The chemistry between him and the producers came together perfect; you can tell that they’ve plotted and been around each other for quite some time.

RossiRock is definitely on my next to watch list, the industry and the masses won’t catch on until 2018 and I’m happy to be one of the first to share this record. Right now he’s signed to PrivateClubRecords which has artists: 24hrs, MadeinTyo, DWN2Earth and more on the roster. Big shout out to San Diego.

I don’t got no car but she love me like I got a Benz, I feel like a star but she love me cause I gotta win, I didn’t have no money but she love me like I had a meal, I’m tryna do this on my own but she love me like I got a deal” – RossiRock (Smile)

Lived inside a crowded house, roaches crawling on the couch, told myself this aint for me, I got to go and get it now! I ain’t got shit to lose, most of my life I had shit to prove” – RossiRock (That’s My Lady)

PREMIERE: Ten$e – No Less (Prod. L’Camino)


Bronx artist Ten$e just released his latest record “No Less” today which was produced and engineered by his right hand man L’Camino. This is the type of song that you create a music video to with your imagination; as he takes you along on a ride into a day of his life, with L’Camino creating a motion picture environment. From the wake up to the streets his life is a movie. On this record he speaks on why he needs everything that he’s prayed for and wanting no less because of the sacrifices that have been made up until this point. Ten$e’s energy and presence speaks for him throughout the song. Where he goes, his desires follow and most people are attracted to money and other material possessions but he’s one of the few people that attracts what he wants by being true to himself.

The items he wears from Ferragamo belts & Rick Owens shoes only enhances his aura. He’s living the lifestyle day to day; as he eats fettuccine and shrimp, getting whipped around in Porsches and spending tax free dollars at the mall. You can sense that he’s been exposed to the greater things in life at an early age and when you’re surrounded by that, it keeps you on your toes yearning and hustling for more no matter how far it may seem; it’s a chase, it’s a way of life. This whole record is dripping in sauce, however behind the flex there’s motivation & hope for the future.  Along the adventure he’s already living pieces of what he wants but he lets you know that he’s not content with what he has, he needs it all, paid in full.

Got the grip in my coat, Dolce & Gabbana cologne, No I can’t cover the dope, No i can’t cover the dope. No receipts cash only, hoppin out the Porsche that pony, off of that perc I’m cozy, off of that perc I’m cozy” – Ten$e

On the record he also speaks on how his peers tell him that they see him working towards his goals and not to let up because that gives them inspiration to keep pushing as well. He’s living life under the scope and that adds to the pressure to find his truth while also not taking steps back. The women that he deals with are in awe and even being too thirsty to find out what he’s about. He leaves them with a scar so they’ll never forget him (shout out to Prodigy!)

Ten$e has a Puerto Rican background and with this record he really tapped into his ancestors energy and sang his heart out; the latino heat is serious. This is for the fellas to get fly and hustle to and this is for the ladies to ride around and get a dollar to. L’Camino blacked out on this record as well, the instrumental never stays the same. As the track moves forward Camino changes moods with time, leaving you in suspense. L’Camino understands the highs and lows of life and puts that into his instrumentals, there’s no one feeling, the beat is a person itself.

This is the fourth record that these two have dropped this year and together they’ve cultivated a sound. It’s elegant, grimey and comes from a dark place with a light at the end of the tunnel. I had the pleasure of being the first to premiere this song and also linking up with the two in Raleigh, North Carolina of all places! which was an adventure within itself that I’ll be writing about soon. Be on the lookout for these two in 2018, their really cooking up heat and on a different type of time.

Ty Senoj – Metroflexual (Prod. Ty Senoj)

Toronto’s Ty Senoj just dropped his new record “Metroflexual” which is a heater! This song is very braggadocios, speaking on being with different models, hitting the runway and counting Brown & Red Canadian dollars. Ty has been doing his thing for the last few years but this record has show his growth as an artist and is just a glimpse of what type of time he’s on. Run this up and get introduced to the life that he lives.

Ramsay Almighty – Kola Champagne (Prod. Ramsay Almighty & HERO)

Toronto artist Ramsay Almighty released his 12-track LP WAVES on all music platforms displaying his range of art. He brings out a variety of emotions on each one of the records, whether speaking on having a good time, friends changing, being an entrepreneur and living a glamourous lifestyle. Despite not having many visuals, you can see his music through the feeling he brings on the tracks. His singing is euphoric, the production is very new age and the content is raw, vulnerable and honest; he’s not afraid to push barriers as an artist. This record “Kola Champagne” is just one of the songs from the tape but it was one of my favourites so I wanted to introduce you all to him through this record which was produced by himself and Alberta producer/artist HERO. This is the new sound of Canada that will eventually go global. This is some afternoon drinks at the airport type music, there’s excitement and adventure with this joint, it takes you 30,000 ft in the air. You can feel that he’s well travelled and is on a prestigious deviant lifestyle. That all being said run this up and enjoy the vibes. It’s A1 to say the least, big shout out to the boy.

Tony Kaine – No Relate (feat. KillVill) (Prod. Tony Kaine & ACV Kylo)

Canadian artist Tony Kaine came out with his debut album EP “Swing” last month and this single “No Relate” is one of the standout tracks from the tape. It features KillVill who bodies the record displaying his lyrical ability with multiple syllables and metaphors which is surprisingly something you don’t see in rap too much anymore. Tony comes in and surfs on the instrumental with ease, he made this a complete record and an overall banger. Tony also produced this record with ACV Kylo and together they created a progressive sound. This is something you bump at night whether in the car or the club for real. Not much is known about Tony Kaine but I believe he’ll be apart of the new generation of Toronto music, he and his conglomerate are something different coming out of the city and he’s definitely someone to look out for; his craft is seasoned. Rap, Sing, Produce, he does it all. Run this track up & listen to the tape. Great freshman debut.

Suicide Rascal – One Distinguished Chat (Prod. Ronin)

Cincinnati artist Suicide Rascal dropped a heavy record with “One Distinguished Chat”. It’s reckless, youthful and fun to say the least. The producer Ronin has a distinguished sound and  really blacked out on the boards to make this a banger. This joint has a underground feel and the visuals compliment the record with random clips of anime, displaying Rascal’s sense of fashion and riding around his city. Rascal has been on his grind since the early 2010s and with this record I think he’s grown into his best self and found/polished his sound, so look out for the guy in 2018, in the meantime run this up!

Hefna Gwap – “Playas Dont Keep Score” (feat. Vintage Nation & Siraaj Jamnesia) Prod. by @jg_zv

East Palo Alto artist Hefna Gwap dropped a video for his record “Playas Don’t Keep Score” which was produced by Jg_Zv  and features jazz artists Vintage Nation & Siraaj Jamnesia. This is something you put on in the morning getting fresh and ready to hit the streets for a new challenge. Hefna Gwap is a real entrepreneur in every right. Moving from state to state (California, New York, Georgia) to look for income in anyway to provide for his family and his brand. He has his own Jewelry line, Fashion Line and even his own blunt wraps (Dezigna Smokes) with his conglomerate Elegant Caviar. This track is more of something you feel and come up with meanings yourself. The instrumental is filled with saxophones, piano, bass, overall just good music.

When you’re making your own money you have to understand that you now become a player on the field and come up with your own strategies to win day in and day out. It takes courage, confidence and determination to do that. He’s in his zone and not looking anywhere else but forward for him and his team and their ambitions. Players Don’t keep score, Spectators do.